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Table and chairs to sit down at to have a talkMADTAA is our 501(C)3 Non-Profit which is the umbrella over ACCUSPLIT Make A Difference Programs globally and Make A Difference For Pleasanton programs which are in our local community of Pleasanton CA.

The premise of MADTAA is to motivate people to “Make A Difference” in their own lives and in the lives of those they live life with, whether it’s at home, at work, at school or in their community.

Make A Difference Programs are programs that focus on Health and Wellness using pedometer-based Activity Wellness Programs to motivate people to Move More for better health. Other programs encourage volunteering in your local communities by bringing the volunteers and the organizations together in a fun, family-friendly, atmosphere to learn about the needs of our communities and how volunteers can help out.  There are weekly “Walk’n’Talk” groups who meet and “Walk’n’Talk” for an hour (or 2) together and build a community where people can connect with others while walking for better health.

Check out the sites below. See which one fits your lifestyle and go Make A Difference Today and Always!

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